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Sustainable growth is possible

Image by Caroline Hernandez

Our Mission

We created Tradalink to provide the best possible purchasing experience for businesses respecting strong societal and environmental engagements.

To deliver our mission we rely on our core values: Responsibility, honesty, and efficiency.

Our Purpose

As supply chain challenges increase the environmental question remains unsolved. How can we reconcile our business models with more sustainable practices without losing efficiency?

Our purpose is to help thousands of companies around the world to embrace more sustainable business practices while boosting their procurement agility and growth.

For that, we search the best possible suppliers. We optimize our algorithms and enhance security. So you can have the best possible experience every day on Tradalink.

Our Story

Tradalink​ started in 2019 during the pandemic. As we saw with frustration the world's supply chain was disrupted, and thousands of businesses were affected.

Some old friends from the procurement, technology and industry teamed up to bring solutions to businesses in uncertain times. 

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